We are the heart of finance and IT

The strength lies in two worlds: the combination of specialist knowledge in IT for the financial sector.
Bringing together business and IT requirements and building strong
solutions create winning concepts for our customers’ businesses.
We offer expertise in the following areas:

Systems development

The big picture and key details

An eye and ear for the customer’s problems and knowledge that leads to solutions. The work situations are many for our consultants; quickly getting to grips with new processes and tools. Knowledge is refined and developed with each new project. What we’ve done in the past gives us the strength to create strong end-to-end solutions here and now. Committed. Fast-moving. Adaptable. Agile.

Business analysis

Drives, analyses and investigates

Expertise comes with time and projects. We have acquired broad and deep expertise in many areas – in Sweden and in the EU – which is why we are used to taking the driving or leading role in a number of areas, such as business requirements, investigations and feasibility studies. Processes.
Controls. Financial calculations. Quality assurance. Framework

Financial systems

Operational stability and rapid support

A watchful eye, a firm hand and quick footwork. We are familiar with most disciplines in implementation and integration. Maintaining stability and efficiency in business processes. All done by us, or with our support. Change. Management. Upgrading. Monitoring.


Knowledge, requirements and analysis in risk management

We all know the link between the quality of risk control to the right decision in an investment process. That requirements and risk analysis are watertight. That implementation and integration lack air bubbles. We are a temporary resource or a partner with full responsibility for risk management. Preliminary studies. Architecture. Automation of processes.

Financial reporting

Design, requirements and development

We ensure that our customers meet the constant demands of management, the market and the authorities.
requirements. Our knowledge comes from experience in banking, insurance, mutual funds and government. Our responsibility, in whole or in part, is based on the circumstances of each individual company. Design. Requirements. Development of IT and business requirements.

Regulatory framework

Leading change and implementation

With the strength of two worlds, finance and IT, we create the bridge that allows them to meet the demands of government. We interpret regulations and convert them into concrete business and system requirements. Each change is monitored and evaluated with the question: how can they best be implemented in processes and systems in the most efficient way? Project management. Investigation. System implementation. Consultancy.

Strategic advice

Cost efficiency, risk minimization and business development

At Clara, we have both broad and deep expertise in our clients’ businesses along with specialist expertise in systems support, both at an overall level and specific systems and their suppliers. Efficiency. Savings. Control of operational risks. Business development through improved quality, enhanced customer experience and optimized business model.

Project management and agile methods

Management on a large or small scale

What determines a company’s success? Quality combined with “time to market” we say. And skills that are both experienced and up-to-date. Our consultants’ knowledge is shaped like a T: breadth combined with depth. For the best change in business and IT with today’s and tomorrow’s expertise. Professional, knowledgeable and reliable. Project management. Change management. Development.

Internal Audit

Internal audit function and targeted audit activities

For small and medium-sized fund management companies and AIFMs, outsourcing the internal audit function is usually the most cost-effective option. We have extensive experience in providing outsourced internal audit services to authorised UCITS and AIFMs. The board of directors of financial companies may need an independent assessment of a specific risk area to ensure that the company complies with external and internal regulations and that this is done effectively.