At Clara, the atmosphere is open minded and there are endless opportunities for development

Clara Consulting is the consultancy that connects the IT and finance industries. But what does it look like behind the scenes? And what’s the best thing about Clara as an employer? Gustaf Berendt and Xinyun Lin talk about what it’s like to be a consultant at a cutting-edge company.

At Clara Consulting, both junior and senior consultants work under one roof. A roof that is high, at least according to Xinyun Lin and Gustaf Berendt. They both have a few years’ experience in the financial sector and have been part of the Clara family for one and two years respectively. For both of them, the flat organisational structure and the breadth on offer are the best things about Clara as an employer.

– When I graduated, I was looking for a job that was at the crossroads between IT and finance, which is exactly where Clara operates. Here I really get to work on things that I enjoy and I appreciate the mix of staff Clara has with mixed ages and different backgrounds of all consultants, says Gustaf Berendt.

Xinyun Lin agrees with what Gustaf Berendt says. Having previously worked at Bank of China and SkySparc, she has had the opportunity to try out several employers in the industry and has gained a positive view of the profession.

– I really enjoy the consulting atmosphere and feel at home at Clara Consulting. We are all a team and respect each other regardless of our role. It’s not strange to come with questions, it’s something that is welcomed,” says Xinyun Lin.

All new employees at Clara are given the opportunity to attend an internal training course, Clara Academy, to prepare them and familiarize them with the issues and challenges that they may face as a consultant at the company’s clients. Gustaf points out that the induction programme is very useful and he says that Clara also encourages its employees to attend several courses and programmes to develop and gain new skills.

– The Clara Academy is all about giving new recruits the technical tools they need for their role and learning more about the financial market. In short, it gives them a good foundation for future assignments. In addition to the induction programme, there are internal training courses available if there is interest, so there are certainly great development opportunities here,” says Gustaf Berendt.

Gustaf and Xinyun’s working days look very similar, and their roles are mainly aimed at providing additional support to the client’s business. Although they are on different projects, it is often the case that several Clara consultants are working for the same client. In this way, cohesion is strengthened and there is always close access to a sounding board.

– During the pandemic, we have been working remotely a lot, but usually several Clara consultants are working in the same department and company. Otherwise, we try to organise activities and team-building exercises to have fun together and get to know each other better,” says Xinyun Lin.

For job-seeking talents who share an interest in IT and finance and have experience or are curious about the consulting role, they would recommend Clara Consulting as a first choice.

– Clara offers breadth and an entrepreneurial drive. The atmosphere is familiar and the fact that we have a mix of ages, with both junior and senior consultants, is only positive. We learn from each other and can exchange experiences,” says Gustaf Berendt.