How we work

Our clients tend to appreciate that they are not just getting a resource when they hire a Clara consultant. We ensure that the entire company’s collective expertise is available to our consultants in their individual assignments, and together we contribute to the quality assurance of client assignments based on our collective experience.


Simple and transparent

We want our clients to feel that they are being helped by a whole company and not a single consultant, even in assignments formulated as one-off consultancy assignments. We offer both consultancy assignments with specified scope and duration, or as framework agreements. Our framework agreements are simple and transparent for our clients, usually with no minimum bid requirement.

Teams with overall responsibility

The knowledge is in the team

The financial services industry is intense and at times our clients need to focus their resources on a particular area or rally around growth objectives, in which case Clara can help with teams that take overall responsibility for an area of management that the client does not want to prioritise at the moment or where a skills shortage has arisen due to staff turnover.


Continuity in management

As a further step from our “Team with full responsibility” service, we can also offer full outsourcing of a service or a development or management area. We have an office centrally located in Stockholm with our own infrastructure where we can offer the provision of services by competent consultants.