As a further step from our “Team with full responsibility” service, we can also offer full outsourcing of a service or a development or management area. We have an office centrally located in Stockholm with our own infrastructure where we can offer the provision of services by competent consultants.

This may be an area that is outside the client’s core business or that the client is unable to staff themselves and has therefore made a strategic decision to outsource the service.

We are able to assist with morning checks, data quality reconciliations, reporting or other tasks that our clients wish to outsource. Often this is a cheaper and more efficient solution where economies of scale are obtained through Clara rather than the service being built specifically by the client themselves.

Together with the customer we define the following:

  • We identify and match the level of skills needed for the engagement
  • Together with the customer, we define the level of service and times
  • We identify and allocate time for integration, training and commissioning
  • Find the right level of staffing taking into account the specific mission


We work in a team-oriented way, with a mix of senior consultants with extensive work experience combined with younger consultants with the latest theoretical knowledge from some of the country’s best training programmes. This allows us to provide continuity in management while offering the best staffing team in our niche.