Business analysis

Operates, analyzes and investigates

At Clara, we have both broad and deep expertise in many of our clients’ business areas. This means that we can step in and take on operational roles as well as leadership and driving roles in a number of areas.

At Clara we help our clients with
  • Business requirements and conversion to technical IT specifications
  • Investigations and feasibility studies
  • Process modelling
  • Financial calculations
  • Expert in business systems


* Data management

We have a wealth of expertise in market data, including data flows, knowledge of different vendors and their data models, pricing, price types and price reports. We also have a deep understanding in valuation and quality assurance of market data.

* Financial systems

In addition, Clara offers specialists with extensive experience in standard systems on the market such as; SCD, WSS, Axioma, BarraOne, Reuters Data Scope and Bloomberg Data License and PORT. Read more about this under the product financial systems.

* Financial instruments

We also have expertise in the area of financial instruments, both in terms of design, system set-up and trading.

* Financial regulations

We have extensive experience of legal frameworks at both European and Swedish level. See more about this under the product financial regulations.

* Risk & Performance

We are strong in risk & performance where we can help with everything from data quality to risk and return analysis and reporting. Read more about this under the Risk product.

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