When we receive a request for an assignment, we go through the skills needed together with the customer. Through our skills matrix, we can quickly pick out one or two matching consultant profiles that we present to the client, preferably through a personal interview where the client gets to meet the prospective consultant.

It is also important for us that the consultant has the opportunity to ask questions and form an opinion about the assignment. In the same way that the client should feel comfortable with the consultant, we also want the consultant to feel that the assignment is interesting and suitable for him or her.

What we are particularly proud of at Clara is that we have a strong culture of more senior consultants coaching and supporting less experienced consultants. If individual consultants encounter problems on their assignments, there is a wealth of experience within the company that our employees learn to draw on from day one.

We have internal forums where people can ask other Clara consultants about how similar problems have been solved in the past and best practices in the field. We want our clients to feel that they are being helped by a whole company and not a single consultant, even in assignments that are formulated as one-off consultancy assignments.

We offer both consultancy assignments with specified scope and duration or as framework agreements.

We believe that framework agreements should be simple and transparent for our clients. That is why we write most framework agreements without a minimum bid requirement. The client should feel that Clarakonsult can be easily called upon when the need arises. There may be times when no consultancy help is needed, in which case our clients should not have to pay anything.

In the case of framework agreements, we want to be two to three consultants who have insight into the client’s systems and operations so that person-independent customer competence can be built up at Clara.

Some types of consulting roles we offer are:

  • Consultants with experience in systems and business architecture
  • Full stack developers – Microsoft, Java, Web & Database
  • Project management and methodology resources
  • Requirements and testing resources
  • Business intelligence developers
  • Report developers