Financial systems - Operational stability and fast support

Implementation, Integration and Management

Clara has extensive experience in standard financial systems and works in systems management with high demands for fast and efficient support while maintaining operational stability. We also have experience in implementation and integration projects.

Specialist skills

We have specialists who have extensive experience in working with
standard systems in the market, such as:

  • Simcorp Dimension
  • Wall Street Systems
  • Axioma
  • BarraOne and RiskManager
  • Reuters Data Scope, Electron
  • Bloomberg Data License and PORT
  • Rimes


We also have extensive experience working with third party and custom products.

At Clara we help our clients with
  • Participating in change and upgrade projects, such as the introduction of new instruments, new analytical methods, legal frameworks and new functionality.
  • Supporting clients’ organizations around portfolio systems and other standard systems.
  • Leading and conducting tests related to upgrades and implementations.
  • Developing client operations, such as identifying and proposing system improvement actions.
  • Developing data/information requirements and procedures for information retrieval, validation, ongoing maintenance and delivery from the systems.
  • To provide business support for internal and external reporting from the systems.
    interpreting and translating internal and external investment constraints into rules and controls in the systems


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