Fullstack developer

Fullstack developer .NET and database in finance
Clara Financial Consulting AB invests fully in IT and business consulting within finance. We are an innovative, attractive and competent company that offers the best consultants on the market.

We are growing and the high demand for our services contributes to the fact that we are now looking for new competent employees. Right now we are looking for a fullstack developer who has a burning interest in the financial industry and preferably has a few years of relevant work experience from similar positions.

About you

To be successful as a consultant with us, you must be social, easy to adapt to new problems, like challenges, have self-confidence and integrity while being responsive to our customers’ demands and needs.

In order to deliver the best service or solution, you need to be analytical and quickly familiarize yourself with our customers’ system flora and its techniques. As we work at the border between business and IT, it is important that you as a Business Analyst also understand IT as you are often an important link between business requirements and system solutions.

We would like to see that you have interest, skills or experience in at least some of these areas:

  • Microsoft SQL och relations data bases
  • Front-end-development in React (REST-ful HTML5), Typescript, aspx.net och Angular
  • Back-end-utveckling i C#, Core
  • Java
  • Experience working in complex environments
  • Experience of working agile
  • Ability to analyze and model
  • Ability to communicate well in speech and writing
  • Securities and portfolios
  • Work experience or studies in finance are highly meritorious
About us

We help our customers with everything from development and change of business processes and operations to requirements, design, development and management of system solutions. Common to our assignments is that they involve a holistic view of business operations and IT. Our deep knowledge in finance combined with excellence in IT means that our consultants quickly become productive and come up with effective solutions.

At Clara, we have a well-thought-out strategy for how you as a consultant will grow together with us as a company. We set aside time for continuing education and environmental monitoring and have a culture where we help each other, where senior consultants coach less experienced ones. We value highly competent employees, cohesion and, above all, having fun. This, together with our open culture and striving to develop as a company, means that our consultants have the best opportunities to develop and meet new career opportunities.

We are now in an intensive growth phase where we have great demand for our services. If you want to be part of our success journey, contact us today at career@claraconsulting.se, and we can tell you more about us and our visions.

We look forward to hearing from you!