Internal audit

Knowledge and experience.
Internal audit function

We have extensive experience in providing the internal audit function for fund management companies and AIF managers.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we carry out an independent assessment of the company’s compliance with external and internal rules and the effectiveness of internal controls.

We place great emphasis on tailoring each engagement to the needs of the client, the size of the organisation and the complexity of the business, and we ensure that areas deemed particularly important from a risk and materiality perspective are adequately addressed within the scope of the engagement.

Reporting to the Board also includes recommendations for improvement.

Targeted audit efforts

New external regulations affecting financial firms are constantly emerging, requiring changes to internal control systems and new control activities.

A financial firm may need to obtain an independent assessment of whether a specific risk area is being effectively complied with. Examples of specific risk areas may include management of conflicts of interest, anti-money laundering measures, sustainability, IT support, etc.

We offer an independent assessment of specific risk areas to ensure that the company is complying with external and internal regulations and that this is being done effectively.

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