Project management and agile services

Management and planning on a large or small scale

Clara offers senior project managers, scrum masters and release train engineers with business and specialist skills in project management and agile governance and planning.

At Clara we help our clients with

We have extensive experience in both small and large projects and we help our clients regardless of the project methodology and framework.

Clara’s consultants are experienced leaders and coaches in change management for both business and IT, such as:

  • Regulatory implementation projects
  • Data migration projects
  • Global outsourcing projects
  • IT development projects
  • System implementations and upgrades


Agile framework services

We offer consultants for the following agile roles, among others.

* Scrum team member

Developers, business analysts and specialists.

* Product owners

We offer consultants with extensive experience as Product Owners. With broad and deep expertise in both finance and IT, our consultants can synthesize and prioritize between different requirements and contribute to the company’s business.

* Scrum Master

Our consultants coach the scrum team to achieve their goals and also contribute to the daily development activities. Here we combine communication between different stakeholders, obstacle removal, and planning.


Our consultants lead and plan at the team-by-team level. Our RTEs plan and maintain feature releases, escalate obstacles, and manage risks. They maintain program kanbans, facilitate PI planning meetings, and ensure deliverables.

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