Risk Management

Knowledge, requirements and analysis.

At Clara, we have many years of experience in leading efforts to secure and transform organisations to streamline processes around investment risk management in funds and portfolios. We have both extensive expertise and experience in analysis, risk control and systems support.

At Clara we help our clients with

Independent evaluation of the investment process.
Streamlining and automating processes.
Taking partial or full responsibility for risk reporting, risk monitoring and risk systems.
Provision of market-leading risk models and reporting
Risk analysis and modelling such as contribution analysis, risk allocation, “what if” and validation and backtesting of models

Risk systems

Clara are specialists in risk systems, we have worked in all the major systems. We can assist with any challenge a risk organisation may have

  • Preliminary studies and system procurement
  • Implementation and integration projects
  • Expertise in model configuration and validation for market risk in risk systems such as Axioma, MSCI BarraOne and RiskMetrics.
  • Development of tools for analysis and reporting of investment risks such as market risk, liquidity risk, counterparty risk and credit risk.


Risk reporting

Clara’s consultants have risk expertise combined with experience in building data management and reporting support for internal use such as board reporting, as well as external use such as client reporting. Read more about our reporting offering under the reporting product.

We can also provide reporting and system support as a service where we are responsible for the entire process and our clients only provide portfolio information.

For more information and reference assignments please do not hesitate to contact us at info@claraconsulting.se.