Strategic advice

At Clara, we have both broad and deep expertise in our clients’ businesses, along with specialist expertise in systems support, both at an overall level and specific systems and their suppliers.

Financial organisations and their processes and systems support

Our unique expertise in organisations & processes, finance & securities and systems & IT means that we can work with decision makers and management teams to come up with constructive proposals and decisions. With the right system support, automated processes and our experience, we can achieve:

  • Efficiency
  • Savings
  • Control of operational risks
  • Business development through improved quality, enhanced customer experience and optimised business model
At Clara, we help our clients with
  • Analysis and investigation of systems support and outsourcing for business processes
  • Development of strategy and objectives for systems support
  • Business case development
  • Support in purchasing and procurement of systems and services
  • Preliminary studies for purchases or implementations


Clara can lead the entire work from preliminary study to project planning and implementation. We can also offer our expert competence in specialist interventions when there is only a need for consultation.