System development

The big picture and the important details

Clara works exclusively in finance. Our knowledge and experience in the industry means that we can uniquely combine business and IT requirements into strong end-to-end solutions.

System developers with industry expertise

With Clara you get consultants who:

  • Can design solutions that are satisfactory
    both technically and for the business.
  • Are highly skilled fintech consultants with
    many years of experience in full stack development
    or SQL/BI assignments at banks, fund managers and
    insurance and pension companies.
  • Are flexible and agile in their approach.
  • Can place business processes and IT systems in a
    larger perspective and understand related processes.
  • Familiar with DevOps techniques such as
    Continuous Delivery & Integration and TDD.
  • Experienced in integrations against standard systems,
    external and internal applications.
  • Skill transfer.


Clara is happy to take on overall responsibilities

At Clara, we often take overall responsibility for management assignments or new developments in a specific system area. We ensure that new functions and adaptations are required and implemented while supporting and managing existing functionality.

Broad technical expertise

Our consultants work primarily in .NET, Java and application development with modern frameworks. We are used to working with complex systems with both batch and event-driven processes. Kafka, Openshift, Kubernetes, Dockers, REST, Angular, CORE to name a few. We always strive to be at the forefront of new technologies and frameworks.

We also work a lot with data intensive systems and our consultants are skilled in designing, optimizing and working with ETL for relational databases and data warehouses. We also work extensively with BI and database-centric reporting tools such as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Tableau, Power BI and Crystal Reports.

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