Team with overall responsibility

The financial services industry is intense and at times our clients need to focus their resources on a particular area or rally around growth objectives, in which case Clara can help with teams that take overall responsibility for an area of management that the client does not want to prioritise at the moment or where a skills shortage has arisen due to staff turnover.

In this way, Clara is happy to take overall responsibility for an area of development, delivery or management with a consultancy team. Our consultants are used to working in this way and are good at sharing and documenting skills so that knowledge resides in the team rather than in the individual consultant.

Clara takes overall responsibility for staffing and ensures that the service is maintained during holidays and other absences.

When we set up a team, we work through the following elements with the client as follows:

  • Definition and limitation of the team assignment
  • Definition of the level of expertise and matching this with the initial team of consultants
  • Service level and lead times
  • Identification and allocation of time for training and introduction
  • Ensuring that a staffing plan is in place, taking into account the transfer of skills needed for holidays and other absences
  • Identifying existing instructions and any need for additional documentation
  • Takes responsibility for staff rotation when the need arises

At Clara, we have a wealth of experience in team staffing and it can often reduce the client’s management costs whilst minimising operational risk.